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Products in Alloway

Manure — Soil Conditioning in Alloway, QLD

Soil Conditioning Products

Areas of land that are constantly used for large-scale farming tend to lose its nutrients faster than non commercial ones. Soil quality naturally decreases after every harvest, and lack of proper soil management can take a toll on your future harvests. This is why taking a preventive stance via soil conditioning is recommended after every few crop cycles.

Soil conditioning is an important aspect of farming. Well-conditioned soil yields healthier crops and is more profitable in the long run. Soil conditioners can augment the effect of fertilisers and improve soil fertility.
Together with proper farming techniques, soil conditioners and fertilisers can help maintain productive yields every season. Ag-Culture Enterprises has a wide range of soil conditioning products that can help improve your soil quality and future crop yields.


Lime increases the pH of almost all soil types and also helps adjust water pH — making it great for agricultural ... Read more


Gypsum naturally occurs as calcium sulphate and is used as a clay breaker. While this does not raise soil pH, this is ... Read more


Silica is mostly used for plant resistance, soil detoxification and improvement of plant strength, flowering and fruit ... Read more


Zeolite is used for improving plant growth and water infiltration and retention. It also enhances fertiliser efficiency,... Read more


Dolomite is used to reduce soil acidity and improves NPK uptake. It supplies and maintains the ratio of calcium and ... Read more

Raw Humate

Raw Humate is great for improving aeration, water retention, seed strike and root growth. It also ... Read more

Magnesium Oxide

Also known as “burnt magnesite”, magnesium oxide increases soil pH and helps improve chlorophyll and ... Read more

Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide is used to treat highly acidic soil and is great for soil that needs its pH to raise quickly. ... Read more

Organic Product Range

Manure - Soil Conditioning in Alloway QLD


Manure is organic matter containing lots of nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. It also helps improve soil structure and moisture retention.
Compost - Soil Conditioning in Alloway QLD


Compost is organic matter that helps improve nutrient levels in soil as well as moisture retention. It also increases disease resistance in plants and helps aid crop yield and quality.
We can also do custom blends upon request. Give us a call at Ag-Culture Enterprises today and let us talk about what kind of soil conditioners and blends your land needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cost effective to buy soil conditioners and fertilisers in bulk?
Buying soil conditioners and fertilisers in bulk is generally cheaper and more cost effective in the long run as opposed to buying retail in smaller quantities. Buying in bulk is also ideal for those who own large areas of land and harvest crops at a commercial scale.
How often should I use soil conditioners?
Do I need to get my soil tested first before using soil conditioners?