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Services in Alloway


Our Farm Contracting Services

Farming and cultivating large areas of land can be a lot of work, especially if you do not have the right machinery and equipment.

This is why the friendly and experienced team at Ag-Culture Enterprises makes sure that our clients have access to the best farming equipment. We want to help you save time and achieve optimum farm production.

Our farm contracting services are built upon a solid foundation of best agricultural practices combined with the latest farm machinery technology. We want to help you meet your farm production goals and produce quality crops.

Transport and Bulk Haulage

In addition to our farm equipment, our bulk transport and haulage services are a great help for those who own large areas of farming land. Our tipper trucks are capable of delivering bulk products whenever and wherever you need it.

We also have a widening float that can be used for transporting heavy equipment. Give us a call at Ag-Culture Enterprises today and chat with us about how we can help you grow better crops and healthier produce.

Fertiliser Spreading and Farm Machinery

Ag-Culture Enterprises are leading manufacturers of soil conditioning products, especially high analysis calcium products. Our fertiliser spreading equipment is capable of spreading fertilisers regardless of the situation. Whether fallows, pastures, ratoon cane, orchards and even soft grounds, we can get the job done efficiently.

Our team of tradespeople are skilled in operating our wide range of farm machinery and equipment. This includes profilers, aerators for orchid plantations, offset, ploughing, deep ripping, speed tillers, rotary hoeing and front mount mulchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does soil conditioning work?
Soil conditioning works by modifying the soil’s natural state. It regulates the soil’s tilth — the soil’s overall condition and its ability to support plant roots — as this supports plants and crops as they grow. In the long run, soil conditioning makes things easier for farmhands as it helps plants grow faster and yield better produce.
What is the difference between soil conditioners and fertilisers?
Why is soil pH important?